How many questions can you miss on the CPC exam? (2024)

How many questions can you miss on the CPC exam?

To pass the CPC exam, you need to score 70% accuracy on 100 questions. You'll want to do your best, of course, but you have wiggle room.

How many questions do you have to get right on the CPC exam?

You'll be given 4 hours to complete 100 multiple-choice questions. Passing will require you to answer 70% of the questions correctly.

How many questions can you get wrong on the AAPC exam?

An overall score of 70% or higher is required to pass the certification exam. For a passing score of 70%, you must get at least 70 questions correct. If you incorrectly answer more than 30 questions, you will not pass.

What score do you need to pass CPC exam?

In order to pass the CPC exam, you need to get a 70% or better on the test. Always keep that in mind when you're taking the test. The long, multi-part questions that might have you look up three, four, or five codes are worth the same as the general knowledge questions.

How many people pass the CPC on the first try?

A variety of sources show that ONLY about 50% of coders receive the necessary 70% score to pass the CPC® Exam on the first try. That means that half of all test-takers need a second shot at passing. Who wants to take this test more than once?

How hard is it to pass CPC exam?

The CPC exam can be challenging as it covers a wide range of topics and requires extensive knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, and coding guidelines. However, with adequate preparation and practice, passing the exam is achievable.

How long does it take to get CPC results?

Exam results will be available within 7-10 business days of completing the exam. Results will show in the member area under MyAAPC>Exams in the exam details.

What is the pass rate for the AAPC CPC exam?

Want to schedule exam? 80% of AAPC students pass on the first attempt.

Why is AAPC not accredited?

The AAPC is not a traditional university, so they are not eligible for accreditation through the Department of Education. However, the AAPC is registered in the state of Utah where its headquarters are located, and adheres to the Utah Postsecondary Proprietary School Act guidelines.

How much does it cost to retake the CPC exam?

Sitting for the CPC exam costs $399 ($375 student) for a single attempt, and $499 ($475 student) for two attempts. Additional expenses vary, depending on the coursework, books, and practice exams you select to successfully prep for the exam.

How do I ace the CPC exam?

Tips for taking the CPC exam
  1. Keep an eye on the clock. ...
  2. Bring earplugs. ...
  3. Bring snacks. ...
  4. A ruler might help you track rows on the answer sheet to ensure you fill in the right row.
  5. Block out distractions. ...
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How many times can I take the CPC exam?

If you take the CPC exam online, the cost is $299 and you have one attempt at passing it. Take the exam in person at one of the assigned testing locations and the cost goes up to $399, but candidates have two attempts to earn a score of 70% or higher. AAPC membership is required to take the exam, which is another $180.

How long should I study before taking the CPC exam?

You should plan to study for the AAPC CPC exam for at least two months. The more you know without having to utilize the books during the exam, the better. You'll ensure that you finish all of the questions in the allotted time frame to achieve the highest possible score.

How many hours does it take to complete the CPC exam?

The test takes five hours and 40 minutes to complete, making it fairly rigorous. There are two breaks in the middle of the test. The CPC exam costs $300 to take, but only $260 if the test-taker is a member of the AAPC (annual dues are $125 for individuals and $70 for students).

Can you take the CPC exam at home?

Our live remote proctored (LRP) exam is a 4 hour examination taken on a computer, at a location of your choice. It requires a room free from distraction, a high-speed internet connection, computer, and an external webcam.

What happens after you pass the CPC exam?

If you pass the exam prior to obtaining two years of experience, you will be granted an apprentice designation, or CPC-A, until the minimum requirements are met. These requirements include reaching the two-year minimum or gaining one year of experience and at least 80 contact hours of coding preparation courses.

What books can you use for the CPC exam?

Information. For the CPC, COC, CDEO and CPC-P exams, you may use Physician Bundle 1, which includes the AMA CPT Professional, HCPCS Level II, and ICD-10-CM books.

Can I take CPC exam without classes?

CPC requirements: To sit for the CPC exam, you must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma. Additionally, you'll need to have an active membership with AAPC, and they recommend those who take the exam have relevant work experience or education before taking the test.

Is the CPC exam all multiple choice?

The Certified Professional Coder exam is a lengthy one, so you'll definitely want to prepare for a long test that stretches out over a long period of time. The CPC exam is a 150-question exam—all multiple choice. You have 5 ½ hours to complete it.

Do you get a certificate when you pass the CPC exam?

When you pass the CPC exam, you receive your CPC-A credential, which signifies apprenticeship standing. You remain an apprentice until you fulfill the 2-year experience requirement, at which time you will submit proof of meeting the requirement, and your “A” will be removed.

Is the CPC test easy?

This is the most frequently asked question by prospective Transport Manager CPC students. The simple answer is, it's tough! The qualification is A level standard and is taught in as little as 10 days. In addition, some potential students have also not studied towards an exam for many years.

What is the highest salary for CPC coder?

The average cpc salary in India is ₹ 410,000 per year or ₹ 164 per hour. Entry-level positions start at ₹ 350,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to ₹ 630,000 per year.

How long does it take AAPC to grade a test?

We want to ensure the accuracy and quality of the exam. Exam results will be available within 7-10 business days of completing the exam. Results will show in the member area under MyAAPC > Exams in the exam details. Results are never given over the phone.

What AAPC certification pays the most?

CredentialMedian Income
Certified Documentation Expert-Outpatient (CDEO®)$72,619
Certified Professional Coder-Instructor (CPC-I)$76,804
Certified Professional Practice Manager (CPPM®)$75,699
Certified Professional Compliance Officer (CPCO®)$81,495
8 more rows
Jan 10, 2023

Is certified professional coder worth it?

Not only does medical coding and billing certification give you a practical advantage in getting a job, but it may also help you get a better salary. A 2021 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed the median salary for all medical records specialists (coders and billers) was $46,660.

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