What is the average age of a finance controller? (2024)

What is the average age of a finance controller?

The average finance controller age is 45 years old.

How old are most controllers?

Controller demographics and statistics in the US
  • There are over 201,768 controllers currently employed in the United States.
  • 41.1% of all controllers are women, while 58.9% are men.
  • The average controller age is 45 years old.

How many years of experience to become a financial controller?

Students interested in becoming a controller typically study in an area such as accounting, finance, business or economics. They must acquire a minimum of five years of relevant professional experience, and some controller jobs can require upwards of 10 years of experience.

What is the average age to become a CFO?

For many Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), the journey to the C-suite was well worth the time and effort invested. It typically takes several years of hard work, dedication, and experience to become a CFO. The average age of a CFO is usually around 45, though some can become CFOs as early as their late 30s or early 40s.

What is the life of a financial controller?

A controller oversees internal control implementation, assists with budget preparation, ensures reporting compliance, and manages the transaction reporting process. Controllers often have at least a decade of relevant work experience and a degree, though many companies now seek candidates with a CPA license.

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Is a financial controller a high position?

Traditionally, the financial controller is an executive role in small companies, given it's likely their highest-level finance position. As organizations increase in size, the controller may be a senior manager reporting to the CFO or CEO.

Is financial controller higher than CFO?

Finance team hierarchy

The CFO is ultimately the head of the finance department. They're the financial controller's boss, as well as the accountants', financial analysts, and often also the HR and Operations departments. The Financial Controller is more commonly thought of as the chief accountant.

Is it hard to be a financial controller?

Yes, generally a financial controller is a high position. Because the job requires more skills and qualifications than traditional accounting, it is a higher position within a firm.

How old is the youngest CFO?

At the age of 26, Watson became the youngest ever CFO of a NYSE-listed company.

Who is the youngest CFO ever?

However, he is not the youngest person to ever become the CFO of a major company. Joshua Kobza had that position at Restaurant Brands International at the age of 28 in 2013, and Nolan Watson became the CFO of Silver Wheaton in 2006 at just 26.

At what size do you need a CFO?

Deciding when to hire a CFO has always been a tricky balance. Hire too soon, and you may not be able to afford them—hire too late, and you may miss out on chances to catapult the business forward. Traditionally, a company would not hire a CFO until they were making $50 million in annual revenue.

What personality type is a financial controller?

Controllers are enterprising and conventional

They also tend to be conventional, meaning that they are usually detail-oriented and organized, and like working in a structured environment. If you are one or both of these archetypes, you may be well suited to be a controller.

Is financial controller a stressful job?

A financial controller is a senior-level manager who is responsible for all of a company's accounting and day-to-day financial activities. That's a tall order. A high volume of work, tight deadlines, compliance demands, team oversight and impeccable accuracy can make a financial controller's job stressful.

What is the next position after financial controller?

Once you become a controller, the next career step may be to assume the same position in a larger organization or a different industry, or it may be to seek a role as group finance director or a move to operational finance. With careful planning, it may even lead to CFO.

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What makes a good financial controller?

A great financial controller can analyze the numbers and clearly communicate the truths therein with various stakeholders, many of whom may lack financial literacy. Reporting is the fundamental role of a financial controller. It's an essential aspect of business success.

Do you need a CPA to be a controller?

While certifications are optional for financial controllers, some may obtain CPA licensure. However, some companies may prefer professionals with CMA or CFA credentials.

How many hours do financial controllers work?

work schedule

Most controllers work more than 40 hours weekly without additional pay because they earn a salary. Their typical workweek has an average of 43 hours. However, some controllers work over 10 hours daily, six days a week.

Can CFO make millions?

To shed light on key CFO compensation trends, this publication analyzes the compensation packages of top finance officers at S&P 500 companies since 2018. The median total reported compensation for CFOs remained stable at $4.7 million across 2021 and 2022.

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